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What Will Your Legacy Be?: . . . True Stories of Lives Well Lived

What Will Your Legacy Be?: . . . True Stories of Lives Well Lived

ISBN: 9781512767018
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Being raised in America

by a Nazi mother

Losing a beloved son

Surviving 4 POW Camps

in WWII with a hidden Bible

A legacy of loving all of

God's creatures, large and small

Rising from truck repairman

to producer of Schindler's List

Overcoming childhood Polio

to become a great dancer.

Living a life of loving the

goodness of America.

Saving one life at a time.

A marriage made in Heaven.

These are just some of the

inspiring stories in this book.

We all leave a legacy. Billy Graham will. Margaret Thatcher did. Adolph Hitler did. So will you.

A legacy is defined as the impact, influence or imprint we leave in the lives of those we care about. We create it either by purpose and intent or we create it just by existing day by day. Every day of life contributes to our living legacy. The product of those many days will define the legacy we leave.

These and many other true, heart-touching stories in this book will inspire you to examine the values and principles by which you live and how you will be remembered. It's the perfect Christmas gift for your entire list.

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