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Vampires Ruin Everything (Scared Silly #3)

Vampires Ruin Everything (Scared Silly #3)

ISBN: 9781338815375
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Goosebumps meets The Baily School Kids in this young middle-grade series about four unlikely friends who must band together to save their town from an evil curse!

WARNING: This book contains a very scary and silly story about a long dormant witch's curse that's been unleashed on the unsuspecting town of Cauldron's Cove. It's revenge, over three-hundred years in the making. (Hey, better late than never!)

Regan, Sofia, Bennett, and Darius know better by now than to think the witch's curse is done with them. A mysterious family checks into Regan's family Boo and Breakfast...and they seem to take a particular interest in Regan! They're never seen during the day, they're allergic to garlic, and they speak like they're from another time.

They couldn't be...could they? But why would a family of vampires want to recruit Regan?

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