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Queen of Swords: A Barbaric Tale

Queen of Swords: A Barbaric Tale

ISBN: 9781638491903
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Barbarian. Assassin. Witch. Red Sonja meets Dungeons & Dragons in Queen of Swords: A Barbaric Tale, where the triple threat of women's fury rises - bursting from the pages of the smash, BARBARIC (one of Entertainment Weekly's "Best Comics of 2021!")!

Magic and mayhem, humor and trouble,
Fire burns as blood flows and bubbles ...

Spinning out of the pages of BARBARIC comes an all-new, rip-roaring fantasy adventure, filled with mayhem, humor, and a bloodthirsty weapon that just won't stop talking!

Serra is a witch with a checkered past; Ka is an assassin with an agenda all her own, and Deadheart is a barbarian who wants to bash everyone in her path. They'll have to unite their unique skills to track down a powerful foe who's tied their lives together. Get ready to meet your new favorite instrument of death--the evil Ga'Bar, whose spirit is now trapped in Deadheart's sword!

Discover the origin of the dark magic that turned Soren into the tattooed witch she is today, in this totally new story, the perfect place to step into the world of BARBARIC for the first time!

Hell's got nothin' on these badass Barbaric belles...

Collects the entire, standalone three-issue series!


'One of the "10 Best Comics of 2021..." Barbaric took only three issues to establish itself as a first-rate comic.' - Entertainment Weekly 'One of the "Best Comics of 2021..." It's a funny, gory, weird comic with stunning art in muted colors.' - Thrillist 'One of the "Best Comic Books and Graphic Novels of 2021..." the "excellent...violent, expletive-filled fantasy epic Barbaric never holds back... It's bloody spectacular."' - Screen Rant "... fantastic!" - Alex Segura (Award-winning and bestselling author of Secret Identity)

"QUEEN OF SWORDS expands the already-epic world of BARBARIC in the best of ways, pushing the Robert E. Howard-ness full throttle and giving a female ensemble cast the best attributes of your favorite, most lived-in Dungeons & Dragons tabletop characters who also thrive with an emotional richness and complexity found only in the most vanguard echelons of fantasy. This book has grit, brute force, subversive themes and irreverent fun, nimbly trading off the hack-and-slash of a claymore when it comes to the action with the searing bite of a cutlass when dealing with deeper drama."
-- Christopher Cantwell (writer/co-creator: The Blue Flame (Vault Comics), Co-Creator / Showrunner of HALT AND CATCH FIRE. TV: co-executive producer: Victor LaValle's THE DEVIL IN SILVER (AMC), writer: MAX HEADROOM (AMC). Comics (writer): STAR TREK: DEFIANT, HELLCAT, BRIAR, NAMOR, OBI-WAN, IRON MAN, DR DOOM; BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD)

"Man o man! It is a glorious time to be reading comics. Barbaric ... delivers on the action, the violence & the funny! ... a meaty read. Bravo!" --- George G. Gustines (Writer - The New York Times)

"Don't miss this book!"
Scott Snyder (Writer - American Vampire, Batman, Justice League (DC Comics); Wytches (Image))

"Barbaric is excellent. Beautifully drawn and brilliantly written, it's epic, action-packed, and utterly hilarious."
Nicholas Eames (Author - Kings of the Wyld)

"Barbaric is a riotous, hearty stew of wit and gore... Long may Owen and Axe trod their bloodstained path, bringing us along for the adventure."
Jonathan French (Author - The Grey Bastards)

"This comic is absolutely badass. A sentient wise-cracking morally correct axe that punishes the wicked. And its human. SO. DAMNED. GOOD."
John Hornor Jacobs (Author - This Dark Earth, Infernal Machines, A Lush and Seething Hell)

"This book is seriously great. Do not miss out!"
Darick Robertson (Artist, Co-Creator of The BOYS, Co-Exec Producer)

"From the legitimate belly laugh the air-punching violence throughout to the eyebrow-raising final page, this is a perfect example of exactly why I read comics. To be entertained. " - Big Comic Page

"Barbaric looks set to be, without a doubt, one of the finest titles Vault has published, an achievement enhanced by the fact most of Vault's line is top tier stuff." - Pipedream Comics

"Barbaric ... really does have that it factor that makes me very excited to read more. There's tons of bloody action, humor, smart ideas, and some heart. This is without question the best debut I've read this year." - Panel Patter

BARBARIC is the best new comic of 2021 and a must-read for all fans of fantasy and action comics." - Kaboooooom

"A visually stunning, incredibly funny, action-packed bloody tale." - Comic Book Yeti

"A raucous and rambunctious read." - The Fanboy Factor

"This book is a wild ride that you just have to experience for yourself. It has all the potential to be one of the best Vault books ever, which is a hard seat to take with so many amazing books." - Wandering Nerd Girl

"This is a highly entertaining book with some absolutely spectacular writing, witty dialogue and fantastic interior artwork." - Reading With A Flight Ring
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