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Jessi and the Superbrat (The Baby-sitters Club #27)

Jessi and the Superbrat (The Baby-sitters Club #27)

ISBN: 9781339037615
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America's favorite series returns with a new look and a Netflix TV show.

Stoneybrook has gone star-crazy! Derek Masters, an eight-year-old regular on a hit TV sitcom, has moved to town. Everyone's wondering what a real-live TV star will be like -- will he drive to school in a limo?

Jessi can't believe it, but even stars need baby-sitters, and she's the lucky club member to watch Derek Masters. Even though a lot of kids at school call Derek a spoiled brat, Jessi likes him immediately. He rides bikes and eats junk food like a normal kid, plus he has exciting stories about Hollywood!

Pretty soon baby-sitting and ballet start looking kind of boring next to TV scripts and cameras. Maybe Jessi would like to be a star, too!

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