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Essential Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty Book 1 (7)

Essential Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty Book 1 (7)

ISBN: 9781837860951
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The Essential Judge Dredd series is the perfect introduction to the Lawman of the Future - in Tour of Duty Judge Dredd faces a crisis of faith, and decides to alter the fate of the mutants who are exiled from Mega-City One!

The essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series - this is the ultimate introduction to the Lawman of the Future!

After Dredd's discovery of a mutant branch of his bloodline during Origins, the lawman has started to take a closer look at Justice Department's treatment of those unfortunates warped by the legacy of the Atomic Wars. Mutants are currently forbidden entry into Mega-City One, and exiled to facilities and townships in the irradiated wasteland, but Dredd believes it's time the law was changed - but is even he prepared for the turmoil he's about to unleash?

The stories collected in this volume affect the Dredd strip for years to come, and features work by writer John Wagner (Button Man) and artists Colin MacNeil (Essential Judge Dredd: America), Kev Walker (Star Wars), Patrick Goddard (Battle Action), and Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl).
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