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Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens

ISBN: 9781734673173
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Peek BEHIND THE SCREENS of movie-making mystery,

This book is for YOU, it's your skeleton key!

Open the door to your curiosity,

Rousing conversation for the whole family!

To filmmakers, loved-ones, artists, engineers:

Vivid verses, delightful doodles, to be enjoyed for many years.

Written to the novice, just learning the trade,

With a nod to the experienced on a light-read crusade.

Elements of film from idea to release,

Excerpt from this gift or shelf centerpiece:

"Stories shape our world, teach us how to love others.

Made by risk-taker sisters and dream-maker brothers.

Their impact far reaching, from sea to shining sea.

Moments memorable, meaningful, or sometimes silly.

Whether full length, a series, commercials, or shorts.

We sob through their pain, laugh at their retorts.

We are moved beyond measure, perhaps WE even grow?

How do they do it?! Would you like to know?"

For more, read below,

Learn WHO runs the show-

Jennica Schwartzman brings YOU as her guest

Traversing through lyric, a quixotical quest.

Discover the process, peek behind-the-scenes,

'Script to Screen' deets for adults, kids, or teens.


Are thousands of jobs, some misunderstood.

Perfect for budding or seasoned directors

who crave insights and powerful lectures.

This excerpt digs into camera and writing,

Addressing the edit, what makes it exciting:

"WRITERS are first to pen the screenplay

They determine which characters turn out okay

They craft our main character's growth and what's sought

The twists and the turns, the arc of the plot

They choose point-of-view, whose story to tell

With world-building, conflicts, back-story as well

Untethered imagination's where story begins

Reflecting life's hardships or inspiring wins

DIRECTORS translate the play's journey to screen

Take charge, make decisions: what's heard and what's seen

Dictating their vision the team will enact

Arranging how film ele-ments interact

CINEMATOGRAPHER is a big fancy title

Their camera assistants are rar-ely idle

Dozens of moving parts, focus and lenses

Directing the audience attention and senses

The EDITOR team cuts down and sands smooth

Honing the tone and tightening mood

This delicate skill stirs up the whole mixture

Piecing together a 'premiere ready' picture"

That's the end of the excerpt, order one for a friend,

They'll be happy you did, your taste they'll commend!

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