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Beak & Ally #4: Snow Birds

Beak & Ally #4: Snow Birds

ISBN: 9780063021686
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When noisy neighbors move in for the winter, will Beak & Ally ever find peace and quiet? Find out in Beak & Ally: Snow Birds, the latest in this Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award-winning series from cartoonist Norm Feuti!

Winter is coming! Beak loves the snow, but his hopes are dashed when Ally informs him the swamp stays warm year-round and not much changes. As a matter of fact, the only big change is that it gets a lot more crowded! Beak soon discovers what Ally means when the snow birds arrive . . . Hawaiian shirt-wearing, music-jamming new neighbors who have flown south for the winter.

At first, Beak is thrilled when they decide to spend their vacation in his tree--he loves to party! But when the noise gets louder and louder, it's time for Beak and Ally to take action. Confronting new friends can be hard, but anything is possible when you have your best friend by your side to help.

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